Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Family Getaway for the Year 2009

These are some of the pictures taken during our trip to Virginia Beach for our supposed to be a summer getaway for this year. But we decided to do it this Spring because the weather is nicer compared to summer. Not to mention that we have save some because of the deal we got from Expedia and also because the beach is not that busy yet. We did have so much fun!

After our swimming at the beach, we went inside and swam in the inside swimming pool to warm us up. More pictures are coming later.


  1. maayo pa si jacob nag lutaw lutaw na diha kami wala pa tawon.

  2. nakaka-miss ng mag-swimming!!wait muna kami ng summer!I'm glad Jacob enjoyed swimming a lot!^_^

  3. oi kainggit nman kau jan dito medyo malamig pa din minsan takot ako sa lamig ha ha

  4. whooo...this is what I have been waiting see the photos of your getaways...hehehe!

    sos pagkalami sa inyong getaway te woi...ibog man sad ta...kami wala pa man tawon plano...crisis man woi...hehehe!

  5. seems like he's really enjoying having fun in the water! take care!



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