Monday, May 4, 2009

We have saved for Dinner Today!

We went at Pizza Hut today for dinner and saved at least $7.50 by redeeming Jake's coupon he got from school. They have this program on reading and he was awarded by doing well on reading. We got two personal pizza pan, and just added salad, soft drinks, and chicken wings for an appetizers. It was a nice dinner, I think. Then we went to Bass Pro shop to get stuffed toy for Jacob to bring on a field trip tomorrow at the Children's Hospital. Once again, I volunteer to help chaperon the kids. The filed trip will end at 12 noon, in time for out trip to Virginia Beach tomorrow afternoon which I am so excited about!


  1. woi ka smart jud ni sure you guys are proud of him.....nan libre diay si jake sa iya parents...hehehe!

    wow te, that is a great idea...volunteer work...that's what I like on know helping people who are in needs....:)

    agoy kalami ikoyog sa inyo outing...hehehe!

  2. Wow, congrats! si Roan din may mga coupons na narerecieve, di naman namin nare redeem. But, it's a good way to save huh. Yum..sarap kaya ng pizza...

  3. Wow galing naman ni jake hehehe... How old na nga si jake ate?

  4. wow! nice naman ng field trip nila Cecs. I am sure mag enjoy na sad si Jake nyan



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