Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Organization Everywhere

Here are few quick tips for reusing useful containers to organize:

They’re not just for serving! Collect and contain items all over your home with trays of all shapes and sizes. Organize loose items on a coffee table such as remotes, magazines or catalogs and keep small items like keys and change together in an entryway or on a bedside table. You can even use a large four-sided tray for collecting wet shoes or rain boots by the door or in a mudroom.

Jars, Mugs and Glasses:
Use these small containers as quick fixes for holding small items on your desk like pens, pencils, thumbtacks, rubber bands and paperclips. Or put them to use in the bathroom to hold cotton swabs, cotton balls, tweezers, make up brushes or toothbrushes.

They’re the perfect size for storing all kinds of items, from accessories and stationery, to photos and craft supplies. Stop and think before you pitch them and make them look as good as they work by covering the box and lid with wrapping paper or wallpaper to match your décor. Add labels to identify what’s inside.

If you don’t travel on a regular basis, don’t let all that empty space inside your suitcases go to waste! They’re perfect for storing out-of-season clothes, shoes and accessories and can often fit easily at the bottom of a closet or under the bed. If you have some nice, old leather cases you can use them as storage out in the open at the end of the bed or as a side table. They could even become a stylish way to store a collection of books or magazines.

Office Extras:
Make organizing your recyclables easier by repurposing stackable trays often found in home offices.

Before you run out to the store to pick up boxes, bins or containers, look around your own home for ideas—you just may find the organization solution you need.

Source: Home Made Simple

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