Friday, July 10, 2009

Another Award from David!

This Elite Blog Artist Award was given to me by David of Basic Bloganomics. Thanks, friend for sharing this flattering award and for being so nice to me and our friend in the blog land :-)!

Now I'm passing this award to the following friends I met on the blogsphere. Grab this guys, for you are all my elite artist friends.

, Dhemz, Meryl, Chuchie, Jane, Cacai M, Madz, Beng, Katherine, Vhing, , Clarissa, Jane , Lulu, Cookie, Umma, Lisa, Liza, Sweetiepie, Beth, Rose of Etcetere, Etcetera, Joops, Imelda, Shy, Niko, Juliet, Sweetiepie, and everyone that is on my Friend's Link List.


  1. Congrats sa award, ang ganda nman nito, ill grab the award you gave later ces, medyo busy minsan dito you know na, busy sa katamaran at pag unpack hehehehe.

  2. Cecile, it is always a pleasure to pass awards given to me to you. I appreciate your kindness and support to me as well my dear friend!:)

  3. HI Ate Ces, thanks a lot for including me.. muahhh!

  4. i always appreciate ur thoughtfulness ces. if only i have all the time i can post this mmediately but im so busy, im so lazy and im so sleepy at times, lol. I will grab this later, ok? happy monday, ces.

  5. Happy Tuesday to you,Ate Ces!!I'll grab them,too!!Congrats!!Ang dami nating award!!^_^

  6. hello Te Ces, I have a thank you post for this award you gave to me in here:

    Thanks Te Ces!



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