Saturday, July 25, 2009

Laundry Time-saving Tips

LDS Living Staff
  • Sort before you wash. Get at least two hampers, labeling one “whites” and one “darks.” When you're finished with clothes, put them in the right hamper and save yourself the trouble of sorting before you wash.
  • Put a stain stick in each bedroom, next to the hamper. That way, whenever you or one of your children is undressing, you can pretreat a stain before it really sets (and you don't have to fish through and try to find the stained item later.
  • Keep a laminated copy of a stain remover chart (listing how to get lipstick, blood, chocolate, dirt, etc., out of clothes) next to the laundry detergent.
  • When folding laundry, bundle related items together for quick grabbing by rolling or folding them together. This might include bundling together full sets of gym clothes, underwear, and bed linens.

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  1. Imu jud ko gi remind ani imu post da, HOy sheila Panglaba na kay nagbaha na imu labhonon cge blog blog hehehehehehe. Amo style laba dri ky wala mn mi buy ug dryer, hala hayhay hehehehe. Hala maayong pagpanglaba dha ces. smooches to Jake, Iya na birthday on monday na, how old na gani siya? 6/



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