Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Last Trip at Virginia Beach

Before finally moving back to Texas, we went to Virginia Beach to drop Balikbayan boxes at FOREX. While there we decided to take a look the beach for the last time...and here are some of the photos we have taken.

Jake was busy playing with the sand....

... and Mommy was asking him to get his filpflop because it's time to go home...

Jake and Daddy enjoying the waves...

... they made a sand castle here, and Jake posed for remembrance.

Very nice castle, don't you think?


  1. Ang galing ng tandem nilang mag-ama!!Ang laki ng ginawa nilang castle!!

  2. Im sure you guys missed the beach at virginia, ako missed nku tanan ebach, bas, salty water wala nku kaligo dagat intawn sukad pag ari nku aning ginganlan nga merica. nice photos ces, kanindot sa inyong outing oi.

  3. woi, nice castle....ka nindot jud pagkahimo ani teCes....sos tawon wala pa jud me ana kahimo dire...lau raman jud ang dagat dire woi...hehehe....dugay na pod mo ani ka kita ug dagat teCes no? mura wala man ata dagat diha sa texas? hehehe...am not sure....:)

  4. wow..ka hawod gud nimo mubuhat ug sand castles. try daw nako ni diri be..

  5. Wow vry nice castle endeed and good times together..



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