Monday, May 10, 2010

Battle In the Morning!

I don't know about you guys, but here at our house there is a tiny battle happening every morning. What is it and between who? It is the battle of eating breakfast slow and the battle is between me and my son. Yup, every morning, no matter how early I wake him always ends on a little battle. I don't know what to do with him! He is a slow eater. Can't you imagine a small bowl of cereal will take him at least 20 minutes to finish? Oh man, it is driving me nuts! Oh and what about 15 minutes of getting dress up? So, to speed the process, hubby and I sometimes spoon feed him and even help him get dress, so he won't be late for school. Thank goodness, this fall we don't have to drive him to school because our house is a walking distance away. I hope the battle ends then :-)! To Jake, Anak, I hope you do better next time!


  1. wahahaha..hindi ka nag-iisa Cez..ganyan din ako noong kinder pa lang si Janjan, hinay mukaon, hinay mag ilis, medyas hastang hinaya pero at least karon Grade 2 na sya, paspas na mulihok..hehe

    Anyway, thanks sa advice about the domain name. hehe

  2. hahhahaha.....sounds pod na si akesha te...sos subuan nalang nako usahay kay hinay tawon kau mokaon...ahhahaha! she's driving us nuts too!

    happy mother;s day te!

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  4. aww.. that's a problem nga!My kids starts to wake up early and do their own things before school and eat on their own.I guess mabilis matuto si Haruka coz she's seeing her big sissy Wakaba.



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