Friday, May 14, 2010

The Importance of Field Trips

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The other day was my son's last field trip for this school year. They went to Petco near his school. I volunteered to help kids cross a major intersection with other parents. I had three boys with me including my son. Anyway, the children had a blast watching snakes, fish, birds, cat, and grooming a dog. They enjoyed petting animals such as guinea pigs, and mice. They were so curious and asked a lot of questions to the people at Petco...they were listening intently and learned a lot of things about those animals. My son is only 5 year old and the trip to Petco helped him overcome his fear on certain animals. He also learned something about the pet ( cat) he wanted to adopt this summer.

Talking back on field trips, to me, field trips are fun, educational and most of all can be valuable to our children. It can be expensive sometimes, but it depends on the location and stuffs. Yesterday, we didn't pay anything at all, not even a penny for that field trip. However, because of the condition of the economy right now, many schools are cutting up expenses by eliminating or limiting field trip just to stay on budget. It is sad, but the schools need to do what is necessary to stay within their budgets...even if it means eliminating field trips.

Anyway, Lunchables, a private commercial company has an ongoing contest called Field Trips For All that allows anyone 6 years of age or older to nominate a deserving classroom to go on an inspiring, educational field trip paid by the Lunchables company. The field trip must be educational and will help children with their academic learning. The company's purpose is to empower kids with opportunities to help them reach their full potential, and provide enriching experiences kids might be lacking.So, If you know of a deserving classrooms, nominate them by clicking this link. Fifty (50) lucky classrooms nationwide will be selected. Let us know if you nominate classrooms and why do you think they deserve to win the contest.

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