Friday, May 28, 2010

Pixel Bug: A Day at the Park

Hello everyone, this my first time to join the "PixelBug" meme and I am very excited. This week I chose that theme because we had so much fun yesterday at the park. We only spend 9 bucks with everything...dinner, fun and games, movie 'Princess Frog' swimming. The "Spring Splash at Heartland Park" is an annual activity for the Heartland community and I tell you, we had a blast though we didn't get to swim because the pool was very crowded :-)!

Here are the photos...have fun looking!
waiting for his turn for inflatable obstacles course...
there he goes....and Daddy (on green shirt) watches him...
dinner: hotdog, chips, baked bbq beans, potato salad, and water.

After dinner, went and played at the pirate cove...
then, this was before the movie starts.

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  1. Looks a very enjoyable weekend for the whole family.. Im sure the lil guy had a blast.
    Welcome to Pixelbug Weekend

  2. wow looks like a fun-filled weekend at the park sis :)

    u may view mine here

  3. agoy pagka nice sa inyong bonding teCes....lingaw kaau si jake...abot tenga ang smile...ehehehhe!

  4. oo, dhemz, sinabi mo pa, kahit na gabi na nga gusto pa mag play...tapos umiyak nung i deflate na nila yung obstacle course :-)

  5. wow..ka nice sa family bonding hahaha..murag worried si daddy na mikatkat na si pogi haha..

  6. Makes me want to try that inflatable obstacle course ; ) Welcome to Pixel Bug Weekend!

  7. What a fun and exciting day for your son!



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