Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jake's Graduation/Ceremony

This Monday was Jake's graduation/ceremony. Hubby and I were surprised because we thought they will just do a presentation (sing and dance) that day! But we were wrong! After they presented the song and dance, Jake's teacher, Mrs. Mc Crea started calling the kids name one by one handling them a diploma (if I may say). It was different how they do the Kindergarten graduation here in the U.S. I remember back in the Philippines, it was like a big deal! But here, it was like an ordinary day; I think a lot of parents didn't even know that their kids are going to have this ceremony that is why there were only few parents showed up. Anyway, here are some photos I have taken that day.

During the presentation...singing one of the Beach Boys songs with actions...
After their presentation....they were asked to seat.....for the awarding ceremony.
Jake's teacher, Mrs. Catherine Mc Crea....
With Daddy....and
...of course the Mommy, me!
Showing his diploma..congrats, Anak...we are so proud of YOU!


  1. bilis talaga ng panahon te ces... i can't wait for andrea to go to school

  2. aga nang grad nila Te cel... dito sa June 15 pa tapos start sa aug 23 ....

    have a good weekend!

  3. Simple ng presentation ano. Wow, im sure mommy and daddy are so proud of their little man. Bilis ng panahon moving forward si pogi jake. Congrats Jake and congrats to you too Cec and matt.

  4. cute! daghan man diay sila teCes no...congrats kay jake! way to go.....:) mag 1st grade na dayon sya te?



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