Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It Needs to Be Cleaned!

I am good at cleaning the house/apartment except the ceiling fans. I so hate it next to ironing clothes. So as you can see, this ceiling fan in our bedroom is so dirty because hubby keeps forgetting to do the cleaning for me :-(. Finally, today, he cleaned it, yay :-)!

Thanks, Hon :-)...you are so sweet!

Real Simple Magazine reader Maryellen Klements offered up this awesome tip for cleaning ceiling fans with a pillowcase. Just hook the open end of the pillowcase over the fan blade and pull it across the dusty blade, catching all the dust inside the case. You might want to add some dusting spray to the case beforehand too.


  1. waaa i hate ironing clothes too te ces... di ko talga ma master ang pag iron ng clothes

  2. i don't like ironing clothes too ate, si john gumagawa nyan sa damit nya hahahah

  3. @ Rose, si Matt siya rin namamalantsa ng damit niya pangsimba :-).

    @ Lulu, hay naku yan talaga ang hate na hate kong chore eh...pareho tayo kahit siguro kailan di ko ma ma master tong pag plantsa.



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