Monday, January 4, 2010

On One Cold Winter Night... a family we had so much fun taking pictures, sipping a hot chocolate milk, teasing, playing around and cuddling each other...oh how I love this time of day! Here are some photos taken by you can see I am more visible on this post.

Jake on hi fave corner of the house...
us in front of the fireplace...
loving the heat coming from the fireplace...
my little pumpkin...
...and the fireplace....
..there's me ....
...oh ..such a sweet buddy!
the Kenyon's finally!
father and son...
..I love this one, too!
opps, he caught me in the act!!!


  1. what a lovely all the photos teCes...ka cute kaau sa imong ulitawo woi! maau pamo te kay nagamit pa ninyo inyong firepit...amo tawon sked man jud dre...nya kapoy sad dayon ug!

  2. Hello Cecile! Ang cute nyo naman mag family... Si Jacob he's cute! I love his Christmas hat

  3. I love your house, so neat, and of course I love your family photos..

  4. Pahingi ng hot choco Ms Santa hehe. ang saya ng family mo ces. puno ng pagmamahalan. cute naman ni jake sa hat nya.

  5. i so love your fireplace!!!!

  6. yes treasure these moments jud ces. u are an ideal family. happy new year



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