Friday, February 19, 2010

I Want to Own an RV!

When my husband and I first got married, once a year we go see his parents in New Mexico and sometimes, they go visit us. I really love my in-laws because they are so warm and loving people. We get along well since we are similar in many ways. Like for instance, they like nature, camping and traveling to new places. Husband and I do the same, too! The great thing about traveling, camping and stuffs like that is you get to appreciate the beauty of God's creations. Since my in-laws are already retired, they get to travel a lot and it is easy for them to do that because they own a recreational vehicle or rv. One time while they were in town visiting us, they asked us if we could drive them to rv parks and rv dealership. We said: we would love to...and so we took them to one of the rv dealership. We looked at some new rvs. I was amazed how this kind of vehicle is loaded with everything. It is like a little house! You can do almost everything you do at home. No wonder why my husband is dreaming to one day owes one. And I always tease him saying: maybe you'll get this when you win a lotto or something :-).

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