Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No Win, No Fee!

This morning, I was talking to an acquaintance I met at the hospital whom at the same time happens to be working there. She is a nice gal who is in her late 40's. One time she offered me a job to work with her at the gift shop, but unfortunately, we happened to be moving out of state, so I didn't get the chance of working with her. Anyway, we happened to talked about accident and stuffs, and that reminds me of the car accident we had late last year. We had hard time dealing with the other party's insurance when talked with them about accident claim. It took about two months before they finally return our call. So, we decided to use our insurance instead where we got a "No win no fee!" Had we not done that, we are probably waiting for the claim to be processed. It is unbelievable how some insurance works. Some are slow and some are fast. Thank goodness we have an insurance company that we can rely on no matter how hard the circumstances are.

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