Monday, February 15, 2010

Jacob on Presidents Day...

This morning, when I woke my son up...he wasn't really happy. He said he needs more sleep. I gave him two choices for him to get up. First, stay on bed and go with us at my doctor's appointment this morning (he thought he would see the doctor himself) and second, get up and get ready for school. Of course, he chose the 2nd one over the other. This trick always works and I don't have to get mad or force him to do something he doesn't want to do :-). Talking about going to school, on the way to school father and son had this conversation which I think was so precious!

On the way to school, Matt took Bowser Rd; Jacob saw the church and said; hey, that's my church and started singing "I belong to the church of Jesus Christ." Daddy saw an American flag and said: Jacob there's the U S flag. Do you know that it is president day today? Jacob: yeah, I know. Daddy: it commemorates the birthday of 3 US Presidents...Lincoln, Washington, and Jefferson; and Jacob added...and Pres. Monson :-). President Monson is our church leader.


  1. bilib naman ako sa batang'to..Smart!! swerte mo te!

  2. hahahha...that cracks me up....joker jud ni si! very smart too!

  3. Wahahahahaha kalingaw ni jake gi add ba naman ang president sa church aguy namuot ko aning bataa.

    btw, i love the father and son pic ces.

  4. awww!!he's so smart,Ate Ces!Pati ba naman pres ng church nyo eh kasama!

  5. heheheh.. that's cool.. oizzt three diay sila Te Ces.. I thoughts mn og si L lang at si G.. meron pa diay J.. now I know.. thanks.. muahhh!

  6. Wow, very smart indeed!

    Love the pic at the end. That's priceless.

    Take care my friend!



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