Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekend House Hunting

This morning, as soon as we finished eating breakfast, we got ourselves ready for our weekend house hunting in Mesquite and Forth Worth, Texas. First we, went to Target because there was a reading activity for children. Jacob had lots of fun with snacks and book reading time with one of the school teacher. He listened well because he participated in question and answer portion of it. Right before we left, they gave each child who attended the said activity a little gift. Then, from there, we immediately went straight to KB homes Forth Worth and talked with the agent and toured their new houses. We like the house we saw as well as the price, but the problem is, the commute from there to Matt's work is like 45 to an hour one way. So, we decided not to buy a house there. We didn't realized it was very far than we thought it would be. The second was ate lunch at Filipino restaurant in Mesquite....afterward saw a real estate agent and loan officer. After talking with the loan officer, we decided to live in Mesquite after our lease is over which would be in June. Hope with that long span of time, we would be able to find the house of our dream. Wish us luck, guys :-)! Thanks!

1 comment:

  1. Wow good luck sa new homey nyo ces. Im happy for you guys you will have your own house verysoon and thats wonderful.



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