Friday, August 13, 2010

Caring for Your Laundry

We spend time and energy picking out the fiercest fashion we can find, but what good is it if we don’t learn the right way to care for our prized possessions? So, here so here are the answers to our questions....find out the best way to keep colors saturated, jeans from fading and how to avoid needing to iron.

I am not obsessed with laundry.... but as a stay at home Mom, this is one of my job... I don't like folding and ironing either, but what can I do :-)?

Here are some of the answers to questions that you, guys and I wanted to know. I got this on the internet and decided to share it here:

Q: If a garment says "dry clean" on the tag, can you throw it in the wash anyway?

A: Silks and satins must be dry cleaned, but cottons, wools, even some cashmere can be hand washed in cold water. Use drying screens for sweaters— never put them in the dryer.

Q: How can you keep a favorite pair of jeans from fading?

A: Turn them inside out before washing, use cold water and Tide Total Care to protect the fabric. Never put jeans in the dryer.

Q: What is the best way to store clothes you’ve just washed?

A. When they’re fresh out of the dryer, immediately put them on a hanger so they won't wrinkle and you won’t have to iron. One exception: never hang sweaters as the shoulders will stretch. Always store them folded.

Another great tip from Katy, you can minimize the number of times you need to wash an item by using a steamer to freshen it up or a sprtiz of Febreze.


  1. useful ni nku ces ky we dont have dryer, instead we use the hayhay style hehehe

  2. Hi Cecile, I just get hold of my pally I'm lost with FTF.. hehehe thanks for dropping by Table for Five

  3. I miss the hayhay days...ehehhee!

  4. Thanks for these tips Te Ces. Ako, wala nako nakapanghayhay kay musty ang baho sa among basement. Dryer nako diritso after washing.



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