Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nostalgia: Trip to Washington DC

We miss living on the east coast...and regretted of not being able to go to New York to see the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street and etc....good thing we were able to see some great place like the White House, Lincoln Memorial, and more before we moved back to TX. Who would have thought that six months later, we would be living the east coast? Hope we could go back there again someday. For the meantime, please enjoy the photos we took during our trip to Washington, DC before Christmas of 2008.

Leaves were still falling on winter time :-).
Jake posed overlooking the giant Christmas tree in front of the White House and the Washington Monument.
Us inside the Lincoln Memorial.
In front of the White House; too bad that civilian are not allowed to get inside anymore.
Jake and I ...behind us is the Washington Monument.
With Daddy at Korean War monument.
My men :-) this photo.
and here is my little pumpkin walking towards me. Nice view of the Washington monument.



  1. Kakatuwa naman si Jake hehehe. Buti nga kayo ate nakakapaglibot hehehe kami dito lang sa kabundukan..

  2. awwwww....been longing to visit the white house...kaso walang budget eh...ehehehe! thanks for sharing the pics te...mwah!

  3. Hi te ces, sorry ngayon pa lang ako nakapag-visit, sleep deprived ako these days. OO nga, ang ganda naman nang pics ninyo. Hindi pa ako nakapa-visit sa Washington DC but hopefully someday if makapag-save. We went to NYC and we'll probably go back there someday to renew my passport.

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