Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Caramel Apples

My family and I love caramel apples and every time we go to Tanger outlet mall near our place, we make sure we get some o take home or eat there at Chocolates Factory; they are so yummy and the cheapest among all sweet they sell at that store. Satisfy your craving for sweet yet healthy fruits by making some of this food.

Caramel apples or taffy apples are created by dipping or rolling apples-on-a-stick in hot caramel, sometimes then rolling them in nuts or other small savories or confections, and allowing them to cool. Alternately, can be wrapped around the apple, followed by heating of the apple to melt the caramel evenly onto it. This creates a harder caramel that is easier to transport but more difficult to eat. Caramel apple production at home usually involves melting pre-purchased caramel candies for dipping, or making a homemade caramel from ingredients like f
or the high-volume production of caramel apples, a sheet of caramelbrown sugar, butter, and vanilla. Homemade caramel generally results in a softer, creamier coating.

In recent years, it has become increasingly popular to decorate caramel apples for holidays like Halloween. Methods used to do this include applying sugar or salt to softened caramel, dipping cooled, hardened apples in white or milk chocolate, or painting designs onto finished caramel apples with white chocolate colored with food coloring.

Classically, the preferred apples for use in caramel apples are tart, crisp apples such as Granny Smith or Fuji apples. Softer, grainy-textured apples can also be used, but are not preferred. Caramel apples are usually consumed as treats at autumn festivals such as Halloween or Bonfire Night, in the wake of the annual apple harvest.


  1. oh my gosh...kalami jud ana te...naa pa diha? ehhehehe!

    musta na? hope all is well...agi ko dire kadali te kay dugay nako wala kag blog hop....eehehhee...hinay na akong powers mag blog hop ron...lol!

  2. Hello Te Ces, lamia man nang caramel apples :) La pa ko kita ug ingana. By the way te ces, I'm inviting you to join the second giveaway that's ongoing in my main blog. XO



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