Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nostalgia: Jake's First Taste of Cotton Candy

This one of Jacob's milestone that I like a lot. His first taste of cotton candy. He was one year old here and was very much looked like his Dad :-);and the lady holding her was his nurse when he was at the NICU for a month. She adores him for he said he is not only cute, but also very a quiet baby for he hardly cry at all. Anyway, this was taken at Medical City-Dallas where Jake was borne. We attended the events specially for the premature babies who stayed at NICU.

Little Jake with his nurse...
with the clown...he looks very curious on what was going on.
The cotton candy and him...
and then, the proud Dad :-).



  1. Magkamukha nga sila dito ate hehehe parang pinagbiyak na bunga lol. Di pa nakakatikim tong mga junakis ko ng cotton candy hehehe

  2. Oh wow... ang bait nga niya... most kids medyo takot sa ibang tao, pero ang cute nung kasama yung clown. I miss cotton candy!

    My Nostalgia post is now up HERE. Happy mid-week!

  3. Buti hinde natakot si Jake sa clown noh?Yung iba kasing bata,takot lol.I love Jake's eyes!^_^

  4. Ay parang feeling ko si daddy yung sarap na sarap sa cotton Candy.. hehehehe.. cute Kid... laki na siya ngayon Ces no...

    Posted mine at Petty Things In Life

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  5. They look a like nga kasi ala pamasyado hair si jacob, gwapo talaga nijacob nokahit nung maliit pa heheh. he liked the cotton candy hehe

  6. Mukhang mas excited si Daddy Matt sa cotton candy eh, hehehe, nakadila pa, sabi " nam nam, I hope Jake won't eat the whole thing" hahaha!

  7. si andrea di pa nakakain ng cotton candy...

    magkamukha ang mag ama mo sa pic te ces

  8. I remember George in his reaction. He tasted the cotton candy but bleh, he didn't like it at first taste, but he came back to taste more of it.

  9. ang galing naman pati 1st time kumain ng cotton candy ay nakuhanan ng picture.



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