Wednesday, September 22, 2010

She Was Very Mad!

This afternoon, I went to Jake's school to help his teacher with the Math subject. As I walk along the hallway, I can hear his teacher very upset and yelling to the kids in her class. She was telling the kids that she is not a babysitter, but a teacher instead which is very true. But to me, that doesn't give her the right to yell on the children. She doesn't have patience at all! I wonder why she qualified to teach. I have done many volunteer jobs at my son's school and never seen such behavior. She is abusing the children verbally and that shouldn't be acceptable no matter how bad the children's behavior may have been. She couldn't handle the kids as well as her job. When it was time for the kids to go home, she wasn't even done putting stuffs in the children's take home folders. Had I not helped her, the kids would still be there waiting. This is the second time I witnessed her bad behavior and bad temper. These children don't deserve such treatment. Could it be the reason why one of Jacob's classmate, Brant transferred to another school? I couldn't wait till the school is over so my son wouldn't put up with her bad behavior anymore. Anyway, when I asked Jacob what made her very upset with? He said that one of the boys did something and because of that, the boy didn't get a cupcake from one of the boys birthday. It wasn't fair, was it? Oh well, hope parents will see how bad this teacher is and file a petition to remove her from teaching. This teacher needs a lot of training on how to handle children's behavior. I have taught children ages 18 months to 8 year old at church and was able to handle different behavior successfully. It takes patience, love and understanding to teach these children. And this teacher doesn't have any of these. I want my son to learn at school not to lower his self esteem. For now, there is nothing I can do, but pray for this woman to realize how precious these children are and that they need to be treated with love, patience, kindness, gentleness, and understanding.


  1. Thats true, but i think the teacher was so stress and sometimes hindi maiiwasan madala sa trabaho ang personal problem. ganyan ako noon ces, pera iba sitwastion ko kasi i was still single and i was frustrated teaching those kasi ang pinakabobo nga group yata ang binigay sa akin tapos eskwaters kids pa tapos grade 1 waaa. kaya ayo nagwala si sheila hehehe. pero iba dito kasi parents are very supportive with their kids activitiy. sana that teacher can realize before its too late.

  2. Tsang, this teacher is also single and young. In fact she is getting married soon. How could she handle her own future kids, if her attitude is that bad.

    Jake teacher on Pre K were young, married and no kids yet, but they were very nice, patient and understanding.

    Oh well, sooner or later this teacher will going to hear from parents...and will change :-).

  3. Kung dito sa Japan nagtuturo ang teacher na yan,di uubra sa mga parents ang ganyan--malamang mawalan cya ng trabaho...

  4. oh my gosh...kaluoy basan sa mga estudyante....lalo na mga bata pa kau ang iyang g handolan...sos agoy, makaulit!

    wala nimo g report sa principal teCes?

    Btw, you are invited to join my giveaway contest. Hope you can join us! Thanks....:)

  5. My mom has even sent 6 big bottles of soda, but MIL was too busy complaining about the sweets.



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