Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gone Fishing on Labor Day

On labor day this weekend, we went for fishing in one of the many lakes in Texas and one of them is found in Crandall, not far from where we live. We got there at 10am and the place was full of people already; some are swimming, fishing, boating, and other were there for a family picnic. We didn't catch not even a single fish, if you will ask :-); we ate the foods we brought with us and after that went for a drive on the countryside. Anyway, here are few photos I have taken while there.

Some Hispanic people busy preparing their foods close to the swimming area.
We were on the other side were people fish with their small kids.
After an hour of fishing, hubby finally sat and relax.
Jake with his fishing of course!
Preparing their fishing poles by putting baits.
And of course a posed with Mommy :-).


  1. Spending time with the family is great. YOu have the chance to bond. We spent Labor day at Sister Liz's house and we had BBQ. Have a blessed day.

  2. Hi Te Ces, happy to see you with your family bonding. Me too, I need some time to be well spent with my hubby and George. I want to go grilling in a park. Maybe we can do it tomorrow. Anyways, this made me think coz I am happy to see your family bonding photos. You take care there ok? XO

  3. fishing is a great way to spend weekends too. maganda ding pang-alis ng stress kaya lang kailangan talaga ay lots of patience. =)

  4. hi ate ces.. visiting u here.. nice photos.. what a great way to spend labor day..

    thanks ate for keeping my blog's links here..
    watch out for my linky-love-thank-you post :-)

  5. hehehhe...bahala walay kuha basta nalingaw ang buong family...ka nice sa inyong bonding te....ehehhehe!

  6. Awww nice family bonding, ang gwapo talaga ni Jake hehehe.. Magkano ang license dyan ate? Dito kasi ang mahal.



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