Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nostalgia: Jake's First Visit to the Philippines


These photos are very memorable to me since it was taken during Jake's first visit to the Philippines and my first time after 7 years. Jacob was 4 months away from turning 3 then. It was the hardest flights I had since he was still too young and needs to be carried all the time. I will never forget that experienced at the plane and airport with him. Hubby didn't go with us for he was waiting for a job interviews. Yup, he was jobless that time because he got laid off by T.I. Anyway, with all the luggage I have to carry and a child crying while seating on his stroller I was upset that Matt changed his mind and decided to stay. I remember many Pinoy offered some help. The same scenario happened on our way back. So when hubby fetched us up at the airport, I told him that I will never travel again without him especially if it is overseas.

Okay here are some of the pictures I took during that visit....

At the airport on our way back home....he was waving bye, bye :-)
On the laundry basket.....
with my brother and his wife.
Here is with Lolo in front of our house....waiting for some ducks that roam around every morning :-).
With his cousins before the recognition day.
Last shot with Lola before we left.....
and with his cousin (my cousin's daughter).
Jake's enjoying his bath on the big laundry thing (batya, no idea what batya in english, lol)
and last but not the least, playing with a toy guitar.
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  1. Hahahaha ang cute cute nya sa batya.. Wooden basin ba yan ate or yung aluminum.. Nakagamit pa ako ng batya before lol.. Si EJ din had so much fun taking a bath in a palanggana lol..

    Thanks for joining this week and for the greetings.

  2. hahhahah....I will say the same thing...ang cute ni jake when he's on the batya...may ganyang version din si Akesha when she first visited the PI....she was 13months old...glad hubby was with gosh...super brave mo kaya te.....I am not sure if I can handle traveling overseas w/o hubby...pero I can handle domestic flights with Akesha.

    thanks for sharing all the pics...kakatuwa tingnan!

  3. awww, cute naman. gusto ko yung nasa basket sya saka yung nasa batya. siguro enjoy na enjoy sya.

  4. Ate Ces can you imagine ang hirap ko ng umuwi kami ng Pinas last year, mag 2 years old si Alex , di ko maiwan sa upuan when I needed to go to the bathroom, 3 si Wrozlie,then si Roan na maya't maya panay ang tingin ko kung sumusunod sa amin. I told hubby, no more traveling with me unless kasama siya. Whew, kandaiyak ako sa hirap..

  5. Ang saya nga, wala pa kami naka-bisita sa Pinas. Siguro in 5 years after from now.

    My Nostalgia here



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