Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Party @ Matt's Boss House

Last week we attended a Christmas Party at Hubby's Boss House. We all have fun in there, there were lots of food and and hubby's co-wokers and their families. Anyway, I took picture of Jacob and McKayla.
here they are...McKayla is only two year old who attends Pre-school and is a very smart little girl...

it was funny because Jacob calls her baby... as if he was old already!
They both loved the Santa Claus decoration which by the way sings and dances...pretty cool huh!


  1. nice....hehehe...maybe Jacob wants another sis or bro ?hahaha...

  2. Hi there. Hope things are doing great for you. Jacob is so cute. Seeing this picture, I can not help but remember how it was when my Vincent was Jacobs' age. Well, any plan of giving him a brother or a sister in the near future? Have a nice day!!




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