Monday, December 22, 2008

Excited for the Holiday!

Last night I talked to my family in the Philippines and was happy to know that everyone is doing fine. They are all excited for Christmas. I told them that the Balikbayan Box will be coming but it would be late. They said it ok. They were excited for the package, too! Anyway, as soon as my mother got the money I send few minutes ago via internet, she started shopping for gifts and items for her little retail store that stands in front of their house. I am glad they are all happy. About us, we are about to spend our Christmas in my husnabd' brother in Durham. We both doesnt' want to, but they are very persistent. We just want to keep our tradition of staying home for a holiday. But oh well, this will probably happen once, so we decided to go and and leave the next day for our own Christmas celebration. Have a Wonderful Christmas Everyone! And A Blessed New Year to All!

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