Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Blog was cut off from PPP Marketplace

When I logged in to my PPP account this morning, I saw a red x on this blog and I thought I just need to instal the code again as what I used to do before and it was fine after that. But just now when I was checking my email, I saw one email from PPP teling me that my blog "does not meet our standards for overall quality and will no longer be able to be used for accepting marketplace opportunities. Payments currently pending will still be made to your supplied PayPal address." I didn't know what to think and say. I felt sad. I think that's ok now since I didn't do much in there lately. I hope they will review it again someday and hoping they will put back my blog into market place. I am sad still :-( and feel like doing nothing with my blogs today :-(


  1. don't despair ate, may 3 ka pa naman eh.. saka baka ibalik din sa market place gaya ko...

    dropped ec here

  2. ok ganoon ba yun, sana nga, rose :-)

  3. for sure ibabalik din ito!!
    baka naligaw lng sila.haha

  4. :-) naligaw nga siguro, aus! sige lang pag bumalik salamat, kundi salamat din !



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