Thursday, December 4, 2008

True Love.....

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Sometimes we think that we already knew what love is...but as soon as we became a mother, that's when we realized that we still don't know a lot of things about true love. I experienced it myself and sure all mothers and fathers did too! When Jacob was born, I learned that I have so much love to give than I ever thought. It is weird but I feel much love with my son now than my husband. He is constantly on my mind everyday. When he is sick or hurt, I always say that if I can only take the pain out of him, then I will do it. I would rather take the pain he feels and suffer myself than seeing him suffers. Being a mother I always think of my son and his needs even his future. Whatever I do, I do it for him. True love is sacrifice, constantly thinking of him/her, patience, long suffering, kind, humility, forgiveness and more....and that is what parents feel for their children/child.


  1. So true ate Cecille, you can even gamble for your life just for the sake of saving them...

  2. Hi Te Cecille,
    I agree with you.. it's really different when you are a mother, you would do everything to protect your kids. I remember when my lil girl had her first immunization, when she cried I cried too..hahaha..

    btw, te about sa layout pls email me
    sorry as in late was sick for few days and needed to laylown/timeoff from blogging. just email me, will send u the layout draft, if u like it or not..thanks uli and sorry :]

  3. tama talaga yan cille...keep up a good work and love raising your son.



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