Friday, March 13, 2009

Amazing Dolphins, Making Bubbles!

My family and I love Dolphins, in fact we went to Seaworld in San Antonio two years ago and have enjoyed watching Dolphins did some tricks; we even fed them. It was a fun and enjoyable experienced. Anyway, if you and your family are heading to Florida for a spring break or summer vacation, you might want to consider going to Seaworld where interesting thing going on with the Dolphins. I heard that the Dolphins residing on Orlando's Seaworld's Dolphin Cove are making Dolphin Bubbles. Watch them play and create underwater bubble rings. I am sure you will enjoy interaction with their trainers and educators on site. I saw the video myself with my son and really enjoyed it. It is amazing to see them make bubbles. For me, they are very intelligent animals to do such thing, don't you think? They were even aired on ABC's World News with Charles Gibson! Take the opportunity to play with them by watching how they play with the ring bubbles underwater. Most people don't knowhow to blow a bubbles but dolphins do. Who knows, by watching them, you can learn blow bubbles, too! So, watch the Dolphin video now and see it for yourself. Don't miss this great experience with your family. After watching the video, my son wouldn't stop telling me how much he wanted to see it in person.



  1. amazing! so fun to see the dolphins playing with the bubbles ^_^

  2. its amazing phenomenon, I was amazed how the plat with it, my jake too watched that video.



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