Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is it Spring Yet?

My son is having a great time with the weather we have been having lately; after the cold snow for more than a week ago, here come the Spring. He has been playing with our neighbor's kids here whom he came to know by riding the school bus every morning. I am glad these kids are very nice to my son, they watch after him since he is the youngest. We watched them played outside secretly and really can see how so much fun they were having. Now my son wouldn't go a day without playing with them. Finally, my son has found a way to socialize, not to mention he found a new friend his age in the person of Danny. The bad thing about this is that he gets so much stimulation enough to give him a nightmare or bad dream, and that wakes him up in the middle of the night crying inconsolably for at least half an hour. I hope as he plays with friends everyday after school, that bad dream with eventually subside.


  1. Hello Cecs, maayo pa mo diha nice weather here ambot oi kanus-a mag spring. I didnt see any buds on the trees yet. I hope it will be soon

  2. that is really nice to see him getting along with other kids

    amazing ba sa weather diha oy, last week naa tua snow, nahawan naman

  3. Ang mga anak ko din excited sa Spring!!Ako lang ang hinde--meron kc akong allergy eh!
    Good thing Jacob is enjoying to get along with other kids!

  4. wow mahilig diay si Jake sa scooter te? hhehehe..good thing he found new friends...hehhe...dire ready na mi sa spring..can't wait to do my gardening..namulak na among mga trees...sneezing time nasad daun!

  5. Ate Cecile, sometimes, our kids having friends has an advantage, but at the same time, has a disadvantage. They start to learn bad things. My son starts to learn to back talk when he started going to school. He gets bullied and at the age of 6 he would say that if he doesn't do what Jamal asks, Jamal says they cannot be friends. I don't think I like that..

  6. We're just so lucky here in California, the weather is sunny but chilly..

    Super big na ni Jacob Ces no? how old is he na ba?

    Ces, I guess you need to plan for another baby, para naay playmate si Jacob mo.



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