Friday, March 20, 2009

Mommy Moments - Siblings/Cousins Bonding

I am really enjoying the Mommy Moments so much... so here's my entry for this week :-); hope you, guys will enjoy them. Join us guys by clicking the logo below!

mommy moments

This was the latest pictures Cody and Jacob, taken last Christmas of 2008
...they were playing with the toys they got from Santa...
and this one was went we went at the children' museun in Durham, ND...
playing with water and sandbox...
in Cody backyard, riding the bikes.
They were enjoying the visit at Botanical Garden in Richmond, VA...
and then playing in the playground ...
and the swing...they loved it.
and then, these last two pics. were the first trip we have in Virginia and North Carolina
These photos are taken when we first visit my family in summer of 2007...
he was with his seond cousin, Megan in was with other second cousin, Bianca.
His cousins, Maureen, Ara and Camille during my nieces recognition eldest niece was at school.
...this was before my youngest niece went to school :-).
That's all folks :-), you guys have a nice day!


  1. It seems your son already visited the Philippines. How did he find the tricycle? :)

  2. he is so tisoy jud Ces ambot kung ma ulitawo naa, daghan jud mag ka crush ana sa iyaha hehehe

  3. Ang galing naman, ganda pala ng Mommy M0ments na yan ah. Buti pa si Jacob nakakalaro niya cousin niya, mga anak ko malayo ang cousins nila, sa Germany ang 2 at sa Pinas ang 3, tsk! Sila sila na lang magkakapatid maglaro.

  4. nice pics you got here! :) thanks for being part of mommy moments this week!

  5. Great bonding with his dearie cousins!!Ang cute talaga ng mga bata!!\(^0^)/



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