Monday, March 16, 2009

Something Green for Tomorrow!

It is funny when you started to forget a special occasion like birthday especially if it is your own. Yup, I thought today is only the 12th of March, but it wasn't. I thought St. Patrick Day will be next week; so I forgot to return the form for Teacher's treat on St. Patrick Day. Now I need to come up with a snack for my son to bring to school tomorrow; it should be something green. Key Lime would not be the one for sure now that it would be tomorrow. I need to go to grocery store to see if there is something already made.


  1. hello Cecile! musta na? St patricks day na nga tomorrow wish you luck!

  2. Ay need ba nila sa school ng treat na something green, ma check nga ang book bag ni Roan,b aka need din nila magdala sa school, ngek!

  3. uy tuod no? wanted to see the parade pero joker kay in the middle of the week..hubby will be at work....hehhee...kamo ba mo sa parade ugma?

  4. I don't know about the event but Happy St.Patrick's Day!^_^



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