Saturday, November 1, 2008

Journal Entry on Halloween Day 2006

I decided to paste this journal entry I wrote on my personal journal exactly 2 years ago. It is fun reminiscing the past; and the following years after that.

October 31, 2006

Busy again with the kitchen, hopefully we would be able to finish it this week. I have had a bad day today, and this is one of those days where my mood swing attacks me. I take it out on Matt and feel so bad for that. I am glad that he is so patient with me and my being mean on those days. We still manage to work things out. Sometimes I just don’t want to talk, but be quiet. The kitchen is not even half way done. We ate junk foods today, burgers from Wendy’s which I called junk foods. Dinner, nothing much but went trick or treating. Jacob has so much fun trick or treating tonight, ‘though it is very chilly outside. Tomorrow, we need to go to Sandy Mc Curly’s retirement party at TI campus. She has worked there for 38 years. I have been eating a lot but no exercise at all. I was just lazy walking on the treadmill, and I’d rather walk outside. Since the weather is getting cold I have no choice but to try walking on the treadmill starting tomorrow.


  1. yeah, sometimes when you have that feeling all you need is a good exercise and a warm bath.. i do that too to my husband sometimes hehehe

  2. sometimes i can't help even though i promise to myself not to do that again; i have to break that habit because it's not healthy sa marriage, di ba Rose?



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