Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Two priceless possesions....

I love these pictures of Jacob and Daddy together; they looked so adorable. I still smile everytime I look at them. These are treasure I can not afford to lose and also something Jacob will remember when he grows up. It's funny because every time I show them to him he always says; "that's baby Jacob, Mommy." instead of "that was me."


  1. adorable indeed my friend....i hope everything will be fine, wish you all goodhealth and a continued fun-loving family always

  2. Amy, thanks for the nice and sincere comment here :-) sure appreciate your thoughts :-) we are hoping for the same. hope you and your family will do the same also :-0 have a nice day!

  3. a father and son bonding...this is one of the pictures.. worth keeping...nice pics te!

  4. yup, Dhemz, sure don't want to lose those pics :-) have a nice day dear!

  5. very cute pictures...take care and Godbless

  6. Hey Ate, nagiging busy ka ah.. 3 na blogs mo hehehe..

    Yeah they sure are priceless positions. Jacob will be thankful for those pictures, he would be able to see his life growing up!

    Thanks for the add here ate, if you could please add the other one too.. I'll add this on my list.



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