Saturday, November 1, 2008

Journal Entry....

Another one of my journal entry in November of 2006 ; I justwant to paste it here to remind me of how we made that day a productive one even though we didn't get enough sleep that night.
We walk up early today because of Jacob’s habit of waking up in the middle of the night or very early morning going to our bedroom and sleeping with us. I get up and ready myself for my doctor’s appointment. I got there before nine, have my urine collected and blood drawn. At 10:30 am Sandy finally called me to get ready for Doctor’s check up. Dr. Lerman said that everything is ok. And that was 10:45 am. I finally got out of the clinic at exactly 11am. He scheduled me for glofil and 24 hour urine collection next month. Have Taiwan foods for lunch, which was so good. After, lunch, Matt took a nap and as soon as he woke up from nap, we went to Costco to buy diapers and wipes for Jacob. We ate our dinner there with pizza and hotdogs.


  1. Hi Cecile!

    Thanks for dropping by our blog.

    I hope you weren't sick or anything as you had to go to the doctor. As for me, I hate going to the doctor because it means there's something wrong with me. :-(

  2. leslie, yup need to see the doctor for my routine check up. i have a trasplant 2 years ago, not fun but what can i do :-( thanks for the visit also, have a nice sunday!



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