Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shirmps, our family's favorites.....

My family and I love eating and cooking; that is why I cook a lot of variety of foods in our kitchen. One of our favorites is shrimp. I came in a country with lots of different sea foods, fresh and inexpensive. I learned to cook by watching my mother cooks sea foods in a lot of ways. I love shrimp because it is very easy to cook; in just a matter of minutes you have it, ready to be eaten. I cook it the easiest way I know; after cleaning (removing the skin, deveining and rinsing)., just drop it on a hot wok with a very little vegetables oil or butter and minced garlic, I stir it a little bit, then seasoned it with salt and pepper, cover and let it steam for a minute or two then here you have a very delicious shrimp and top it with chopped parsley. Another way to cook it is to grill it. First of course you have to clean it, dried it with paper towel, then seasoned it with salt and pepper and brush it with a little oil with minced garlic, put it on skewers and then grill it for minutes or till the color turns pink. I am glad my son eats seafood also and my brother in law and his wife was very surprised! Why? Because their son doesn't want to eat fish, all he eats are chicken nuggets. He eats veggies, but still the one the baby eats which is the pureed ones that you can find on the baby section of the grocery store. I wished he would eat variety of foods. I think it boils out to one thing; whatever you serve on the table, is the only food your child will learn to eat.


  1. oii fav ko din yan lahat ata ng seafoods hehe sarapppppppppppppp

  2. oo kasi madali lang lutuin :-) salamat sa visit ha.



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